Daniel Ponzanelli’s mission is to create big format Murals that allow to communicate emotions and messages through the self-evolution, in perfect connection, proportion and harmonic correspondence with its surroundings. From microcosmos to macrocosmos, within a space – time – matter; having as a central figure the person among this infinity called holographic and multidimensional Universe.

Daniel has made Murals for Public and Private institutions of great importance in different parts of Mexico.

Within the context of painting, Daniel has evolved as an artist and as a person, creating sketches and compositions that evolve into creative and research processes.

Daniel uses different millennial techniques like Fresco Technique, Tempera Technique, Grisaille Technique, Silver Point Technique, etc.

He has innovated in making transportable murals, concrete plaques and aluminum, all of them painted with the liquid glass technique (quartz). This allows a perfect preservation of the work under the open sky.

In his brand-new projects, he fusions for the very first time in the same work creative abstract sculptures with Realistic Painting, having new materials like aluminum and stainless steel, and they acquire color with the liquid glass technique (quartz). This allows a different concept for positioning works out in the open.