Dimensions: 5 MTS ²
Location: Saint Cayetano Temple, Atotonilco, Jalisco, Mexico
Technique: Fresco

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It is a Fresco representing a canvas made of agave fiber where our Lady of Guadalupe is printed and which represents, a young mestizo with a peaceful and maternal appearance with great strength, they symbolize the encounter between two worlds and the born of a brand-new nation.

She is standing in the middle of the moon embodying the feminine fertility,  having a turquoise cape with 46 stars that reflects the sky.

The angle, below her feet, attempts to join his wings with two important things, first, with the tunic that represents the earth and second, with the cape, that represents the earth and second, with the cape, that represents the human and the divine.

Her hands are together as a signal of seclusion in profound prayer.