Dimensions: 80 MTS ²
Location: Epidemiological Reference and Diagnosis Institute, Mexico City, Mexico
Technique: Liquid glass (quartz) on concrete and steel

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This work is a tribute to the beautiful vocation of specialists, scientists and leaderships of health devote to understand, to discover and to preserve the balance between human beings and their surrondings, to magnify and improve the possibilities of people’s life.

The energy, the center of the mural, as a beginning. The Big-Bang the source of a movement and the time passes over the matter and over our universe, this energy irradiates light and starts to create this beginning, where everything we perceive detaches and evolves and we are like humans.

The DNA as an infinite figure, connects and interrelates with the game of atoms, molecules, cells, solar systems, galaxies, constellations, and is in this complicity, where human life evolves, between the micro-macrocosmos, in a perfect protection that is represented by hands that hold, that take care…