Dimensions: 288 MTS ²
Location: General Hospital, Colima, Colima, Mexico
Technique: Liquid glass (quartz) on aluminum plaques

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52 gigantic aluminum plates rise 17 meters above the sky in Colima, to tell the story of its people and their traditions. The artfulness, precision and the liquid glass technique used to create the mural make this a unique work of art that will last over time. With this piece, Ponzanelli pays tribute to women, to life and to the future -immortalizing his children in portraiture- and everything that makes Colima an unforgettable paradise, from its imposing volcanoes, the famous Cuyutlán’s salt flat, its beaches, the traditional Petatera and its symbolic hero, the legendary King Colimán. All this in a perfect intermingling of colors that extol the beauty and pride of being “colimense”.