Seis Almas

“SIX SOULS” (2017)
Dimensions: 8 MTS ²
Location: Private house, Puebla, Puebla, Mexico
Technique: Mural painting made of liquid glass (quartz) on aluminum plaque

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Inspired by concepts related to the muralist himself, Ponzanelli pays tribute through his signature element -hands- to family, union and love. With his already distinctive liquid glass technique, the artist makes a profound surrender to a couple, their four children and the circle of life, alongside by the phrase: “Hands that create, that give life, hands that impel when they create. Hands that embrace, sustain, guide and encourage, hands that motivate and applaud. Hands that support in difficult moments, that come together to create strength, hands that together holds everything. Hands that are independent but will be intertwined for a lifetime”.